White Wax Glove

from by Menchaca

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Don't look down, you'll feel dizzy
Your equilibrium will return, in just a minute
Yes, your hands are still tied, and yes, you've been blindfolded
Now that the black wrappings are about to be unwound
...prepare your eyes to focus

When the lightning's timed flashes trigger in a line's
When you'll see the phosphorescence of the body's outline
No one sees the hand in the paraffin bath
Everybody cries when it rises up, a white wax glove

Among we three, love abundant there must be
For I love the one who's missing, and the one who dismissed him loves me
They call his disease the unruly hand
In which the one inflicted believes his body is not his

One fights the other, one strikes himself upon the cheek
One busies itself among the cutlery while the other seems to sleep
No one sees the hand in the paraffin bath
Everybody cries when the sun comes up, a white wax glove


from Crypto​-​aristocracy, released April 15, 2017




Menchaca Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Menchaca is a Pittsburgh-based composer and writer.

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